Focus Debt Management (TDM) has been a trusted and proven service provider to the nation's leading creditors in accounts receivables management for more than 20 years. Providing a variety of services for all collections and recovery needs, TDM builds and maintains partnerships with top banks, retailers, commercial creditors and telecommunications companies.

TDM offers an unparalleled level of customer responsiveness and innovation to meet marketplace challenges head on, providing its clients with the products and services required to achieve the highest degree of efficiency and effectiveness, while ensuring legal compliancy and client security.

Services include:


Toll Free: 1-866-996-8401
Tel: 713-435-8400
Fax: 713-952-4476
Address: 9703 Richmond Avenue, Suite 110,
Houston, Texas 77042


Focus Merchant Services, LLC is a registered ISO of Citizens Bank N.A., Providence, RI.

Focus Merchant Services, LLC is a registered Independent Sales Organization of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA.